IT Support Services

Computer Software Development and IT Solutions

From contract developer Eye Internet Limited, new systems, upgrades, cutting IT costs, managing email systems, mobile systems, anti-virus, office software installation and management, and project management. Eye designs, codes and delivers software and IT solutions. Software and solutions that are actually deployed and appreciated by the users. With plenty of IT experience behind Eye use it to solve business process problems and improve efficiency. Eye can design custom software and hardware solutions for most organisations: Business, Industrial, Warehouse, Educational, Charitable or Public Offices. IT Support Services include:

  • Custom Software Design and Implementation for Windows
  • Android App Design, Development and Deployment.
  • IT Systems Design
  • Website Setup and Maintenance
  • IT Procurement and Cost Reduction
  • Project Management
  • Monitoring Systems and Executive Dashboards
  • Business IT Alignment
  • Mobile Email and Software Solutions
  • IT Fault Finding
  • Software and Anti-Virus Installation
  • Hardware and Software Recycling and Disposal

Component level repair on systems it is not usually cost effective so is not performed. However, we have helped those who have experienced poor service from other companies, including PC repair and laptop repair. Drop us a line if you need any type of IT help, even help with recovering IT costs in disputes.

New systems should be simpler with the emphasis on reducing the day-to-day costs. Standard off the shelf packages do not always meet the needs of a business. Do not simply renew existing IT contracts, take the opportunity to review how your systems are used and could be improved. Using the latest advances in IT can often save money. Mobilize your work force and reduce the amount of IT kit you need, discuss with Eye ways to solve your IT problems and reduce IT costs.

Custom Software and Changes to Existing Bespoke Software

Companies of every size need custom software to improve their efficiency, Eye can design that software and if necessary put together a small team to develop it; and support the users of the software throughout its useful life. The design principles adhered to are to keep products as simple to use as possible and to delivery many incremental software releases. Lots of quick releases will reveal problems before they become a headache.

Although located in central England by using the convenience of the Internet Eye works globally. The teams that develop solutions need not be in a single location, this has a cost advantage. See our article on Cutting IT Costs with Virtual Teams Managed Remotely.

Arrange a visit to your premises. Eye is located in Solihull, West Midlands, in England, so we are in easy reach of Birmingham, Coventry, Warwick, Leamington Spa, Redditch, Kenilworth, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Rugby, Sutton Coldfield, Droitwich, Bromsgrove, Leicester, Worcester and Wolverhampton. Locations further away may involve an expenses change, of course email and phone is free. See our contacts page or drop us a line:

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