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Our Blue One Eyed Robot is called Tek EyeTek Eye is designed, maintained and contributed to by Daniel S. Fowler, a UK-based freelance developer, and computing researcher. All the articles have migrated to a new domain at https://tekeye.uk, new content is also published regularly and now has 260+ posts. A comprehensive Index is provided to allow you to access the whole Tek Eye UK site. Once the remaining TekEye.biz content has migrated this site will redirect to the new Tek Eye UK site.

About Tek Eye UK

Although some of the articles on Tek Eye cover subjects that can be found elsewhere on the Internet, the aim is to make sure the information provided is clear and easy to understand. Technology should be simple to use and make you smile, as it does for our mascot, Tek the Blue One Eyed Robot.

Having a lot of experience with IT, designing software, apps, systems, and websites, there isn’t anything that can’t be tackled when using IT to help business and industrial processes. That includes refreshing and fault find existing systems to improve reliability, and revamping and simplify systems to reduce costs. Whilst software development is the main focus of Tek Eye, other IT project issues have been tackled in the pass. If you need help sorting out an IT mess, managing software projects and product delivery, or other IT issue see the IT Support Services page. Alternatively send an email: dan@tekeye.uk, or see the Contact page.

Most small websites are bland company info-sites, Tek Eye is intended to enrich the Internet, I believe Tek Eye achieves that. Thousands of visitors land at Tek Eye UK every month, so Tek Eye is heading in the right direction. If you would like an article, product or service featured here then get in contact .

Thank you for visiting.

Our articles on coding come with sample code. For our Android samples see our Android Example Projects page.

To set up a development environment to code Android Apps in Java see the article that provides a list of tutorials that form a beginner’s Android App Development Course.

Enjoy your coding.