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Our Blue One Eyed Robot is called Tek EyeTek Eye is designed, maintained and contributed to by Eye Internet Limited, a UK-based software contractor. Here you will find articles and tutorials on computer programming and related technology, the latest posts are shown below. Most of the code and resources used in the tutorials and articles are provided for free. Explore the informative and useful content using the menus or search box above. A comprehensive Index is provided to allow you to access the whole site.

Some of the articles cover subjects that can be found elsewhere on the Internet, but this site attempts to make sure the information provided is clear and easy to understand. Technology should be simple to use and make you smile, as it does for our mascot, Tek the Blue One Eyed Robot.

At Eye we have a lot of experience with IT. We design software, Apps, systems and web sites. We refresh and fault find existing systems to improve reliability. We revamp and simplify systems to reduce costs. We manage software projects and product delivery. If you need IT help or want more details see the IT Support Services page. We have a Contact page, or simply send us an email: dan@tekeye.biz.

We did not want to put up the standard bland company information site, we wanted to enrich the Internet and believe our website achieves that. We get thousands of visits every month so believe this website is heading in the right direction. If you would like an article, product or service featured here contact us.

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Our articles on coding come with sample code. For our Android samples see our Android Example Projects page (also available under the Free Resources menu above).

To set up a development environment to code Android Apps in Java see one of these articles:

Then create you first project:

And move on to try our other Android samples. Also take a look at the samples that come with the Android SDK:

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