TekEye.Biz by Eye Internet Limited

Eye Internet Limited is the company name for Contract Developer Daniel Fowler. Eye Internet is a specialist British based software developer, systems analyst and IT solutions supplier. Eye designs and develops systems and bespoke software for end-to-end IT cost reduction and business cost reduction. For the details on the computer services provided see the IT Support Services page.

About TekEye.biz

Eye Internet Limited is a technology business and short names are easier to memorize (and type into the address bar), hence http://tekeye.biz. This web site is designed to be a useful resource, for you, for Eye and for our customers. Many company web sites look good but, aside from contact details and mission statements deliver little. (Like those expensive boxes of chocolate you see in stores, lots of quality wrapping but not much substance.)

The Aim of Our Web Site

Corporate websites are usually as smooth and slick as the designers that built them, great graphics and photos of models in suits looking thoughtful. They describe what the company does, who manages them and how to get in contact. They use well written corporate language that says a lot but could probably be summarized with a few lists of buzzwords, products and customers. There is nothing wrong with that if you just want to give people some information. Yet websites can do much more.

All websites should enrich the Internet, hopefully Tek Eye achieves that. Eye is providing articles, tutorials and resources related to computer programming and technology that people and organisations should find useful. We will also provide guidance on any of the products we release for general use. A comprehensive Index is provided to allow you to browse the entire site and see the topics that we have covered. There is a menu and search box at the top of each page to allow for general browsing around the site.

Some subjects will be more prominent than others from time to time as the articles will reflect our current area of work. At the moment we are doing a lot of Android App design. The publishing of articles takes up time and money so we are showing advertising to recoup a small part of that cost.

Where We Are Going

The aim is to continue to develop software to solve business problems. Designing custom software is challenging but rewarding. Although software is our primary business we also invest in technology innovation:

  • We have exciting projects on the horizon which will feature on Tek Eye in due course. If you are interested in investing in new products, there are several that are at the incubator stage. Contact us to find out how you could become an investor in new products.
  • Do you have a software application to sell? Eye can purchase applications and the source code if you are divesting. If you have an application that is generating income but no longer wish to maintain it then maybe Eye can help you.

Eye is here to help you solve a software or IT issue and help refresh your systems, see our contacts page or just drop us a line or two at dan@tekeye.biz.