Android Example Projects

Free Projects to Illustrate Android Programming Techniques

A selection of Android projects that showcase various Android programming techniques. All the projects were built in Eclipse. Eclipse is a freely available Integrated Development Environment (IDE), a software package used for writing software. The projects available here come as Zip files that can be imported into Eclipse, how? See the article Move Android Code Between PCs Running Eclipse or read the instructions in the Zip file. Signed installable Android packages (.apk files) are also provided for some of the projects to execute them immediately on an Android device or emulator. This list of projects will expand as other Android tutorials and code examples are added to the site. A full list of our Android articles can be found in the Index. A version of a tutorial on this site may have appeared as a code recipe in the O’Reilly Android Cookbook, if so the icon for the cookbook will be shown in the listing. Click the icon to view the O’Reilly cookbook version.

Android Projects
Article Source Package Cookbook
Your First Android Java Program O'Reilly Android Cookbook
Start a Second Android Activity From The First Activity O'Reilly Android Cookbook
The Android AsyncTask Class Helps Avoid ANRs  slowprocess.apk O'Reilly Android Cookbook
Limit EditText Input with Attributes and the TextWatcher O'Reilly Android Cookbook
Android String Resources Gotchas O'Reilly Android Cookbook
Add a Border to an Android Layout O'Reilly Android Cookbook
No Tooltips for Android – Use Hint Working Without Tooltips: Use Hints Instead - O'Reilly Android Cookbook
Different Ways to Code Android Event Listeners codinglisteners O'Reilly Android Cookbook
Testing Android’s Activity Lifecycle O'Reilly Android Cookbook
Saving an Activity’s State when it’s Interrupted O'Reilly Android Cookbook
Animated Images in Android  Lights.apk O'Reilly Android Cookbook
Adding State Graphics to an ImageButton with Inkscape O'Reilly Android Cookbook
Button and Image Borders in Android with Nine Patch Files O'Reilly Android Cookbook
Add a Simple List to an App O'Reilly Android Cookbook
About Box for an Android App O'Reilly Android Cookbook
Putting a Web Search Button in Your App
Use the ZXing Barcode Scanner in an Android App O'Reilly Android Cookbook
Two Line Lists In Android
Dice Roller Source Code for Android Apps Dice.apk
Swipe View for Screen Paging

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  4. Hello Sir.
    This is very useful for me as I’m trying to get into the Android Field. I need your help a lot sir.
    Definitely I’ll utilize you a lot.
    Thank You Sir.

  5. Hi!
    I’m very new in android. I’m a vb developer. Now I need a simple project as follows. How can I get this project. I need source code with full comment. After reading the comment I can compile it my self. I use android studio. Thank you

    The project should have 5 editboxes, 1 combo and 1 command button.
    User will enter numbers in EditBox1.
    the length may be 16-18 numbers.

    Then user will select a item from combo.
    combo should have 5 items.

    Then user will click on the button.

    In click event of the button, I want
    first 5 number need to go in EditBox2
    Second 4 number need to go in EditBox3
    Rest of the number need to go in EditBox4
    In the last textbox number length may be 7,8 or 9

    After breakdown the string
    I want to find sum of all EditBoxes
    Editbox1 + Editbox2 + EditBox3

    Then I want to subtract a number from the sum value.
    (Editbox1 + Editbox2 + EditBox3) – a number like 5560
    or 6612 or 4258 etc. The subtraction number may be variable,
    because it depends on list item selected by user

    Then I want the result in a Editbox5

    I need this project in email. My email is If it is payable I will pay for this.

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