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Two Line List Example

Relevance: 100%      Posted on: May 17, 2012

A List in Action in Android

Relevance: 99%      Posted on: February 27, 2012

Android OS Build List

Relevance: 99%      Posted on: December 11, 2013

Custom a Basic Android List

Relevance: 98%      Posted on: February 27, 2012

Android Multiline List Data Access

Relevance: 97%      Posted on: August 16, 2012

Android OS Build App

Relevance: 48%      Posted on: December 11, 2013

Read and Email the Android OS Build Values for Additional Device Details The OS Build in Android App provides some additional Android internal technical information. This information can then be emailed using the Android device's email client. To find the version of Android your device is running you can go into…

Responsive Menu Tutorial for HTML Web Pages, No JQuery

Relevance: 41%      Posted on: June 29, 2015

HTML Menu Bar Which Switches to Dropdown for Mobile For a web site to be successful it must tick several boxes. It needs an attractive design, great content, no pop-ups, not throw to many advertisements at visitors and work well on a variety of screen sizes. The last point is important…

Change SSH Port from Default for CentOS Security Improvement

Relevance: 36%      Posted on: June 2, 2014

Help Harden a CentOS Server, Change SSH Port from Default Port Number 22 Edit the SSH configuration file to modify SSH port number. The configuration file is sshd_config. Adding Port XXXX where XXXX is the required port number. Then update SELinux and iptables. This is done to help harden CentOS against the less skilled hackers.…


Relevance: 34%      Posted on: November 14, 2011

When it comes to deploying computing devices and software there are several operating systems available. The Android operating system is a good choice because it is designed specifically for mobility, it has no licensing costs and has good development support. What also makes Android a great platform for mobile IT…

Develop a Website on Windows Using Microsoft WebMatrix

Relevance: 28%      Posted on: February 18, 2015

Create a Free Website Online Using WebMatrix, Azure and Microsoft Windows If you have a Windows laptop or desktop computer you can get started with website development with free Microsoft tools. One of several free software tools that Microsoft provides is WebMatrix. This contains a HTML editor in an Integrated Development Environment…

Unzip File on VPS? How to Extract a Zip File on a Linux VPS

Relevance: 26%      Posted on: April 24, 2015

Tutorial to Upload and Extract a Zip File from Windows to a CentOS VPS On Linux files are normally compressed individually to create a .gzip version using the gzip utility. Or several files are collected into a Tape Archive, .tar, which is an uncompressed collection of files created using the tar utility. A…


Relevance: 24%      Posted on: November 3, 2011

Computer Technology and Programming for Everyone Tek Eye is designed, maintained and contributed to by Daniel S. Fowler, a UK-based freelance developer, and computing researcher. The articles here are migrating to a new domain at, where new content is also published. A comprehensive Index is provided to allow you to…

Free Up Disk Space on Windows 8 with a Disk Cleanup

Relevance: 17%      Posted on: December 23, 2013

Disk Cleanup to Solve Low Disk Space Messages Tips to free up disk space on Windows PCs, these disk cleanup pointers apply to the latest Windows versions, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7, also previous Windows versions, Windows Vista and Windows XP. With the use of Soild State Drives…

AdMob Ad Incorporated into an Android Activity

Relevance: 16%      Posted on: May 30, 2012

A Tutorial on Adding an AdMob Ad to an Android App Displaying advertisements (ads) is one way of monetizing an App. To monetize (monetise) something is turn turn it into cash. That term applied to Apps and web pages refers to getting revenue through ads or paid content. Showing ads…

Webmin CentOS Install for Easier VPS Management

Relevance: 12%      Posted on: June 18, 2014

Manage a CentOS VPS Using Webmin for System Administration A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a cost effective way to host web and cloud based solutions or high volume web sites. A VPS provides more resources (memory, processing power and disk space) than shared hosting without the cost of leasing dedicated…