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When Is Fortnite Mobile Coming Back?

Android, Articles, Computing, General IT, Window - diana - January 15, 2022

When Is Fortnite Mobile Coming Back

The wait is finally over. Fortnite Mobile will be back on the App Store and Google Play this week! But when did it go away? What are the requirements for playing on mobile now? How does Battle Royale work on …

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Top android security apps available on market

Android, Articles, Computing, Window - diana - March 4, 2021

Software security for computers has always been a major concern for computers. People spend a lot trying to secure thier PC’s but are they aware that their mobile phones are equally vulnerable to hacking, jailbreaks and malware. Anyhow, in case …

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How To Solve Windows System Crashes

Computing, Window - diana - January 17, 2021

The worst nightmare for anyone who owns a computer or works on one is perhaps a crash. With most users having a Windows operating system installed, Windows crashes are more common than you can possibly wish for. If you are …

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Working on the Run: Tablet or Laptop?

Articles, Computing, Window - diana - January 17, 2021

If traveling is an inherent part of your working life then it’s almost certain that some kind of portable computing will be vital. Not so long ago, the decision was limited to which kind of laptop was best. Now that …

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