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When Is Fortnite Mobile Coming Back?

Android, Articles, Computing, General IT, Window - diana - January 15, 2022

When Is Fortnite Mobile Coming Back

The wait is finally over. Fortnite Mobile will be back on the App Store and Google Play this week! But when did it go away? What are the requirements for playing on mobile now? How does Battle Royale work on …

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Google Meet Up Games – An Interactive Way for Children to Learn and Have Fun Online

Android, Articles, Computing, General IT - diana - August 10, 2021

Google Meet Up Games - An Interactive Way for Children to Learn and Have Fun Online

Have you ever heard of a game called kahoot? If not, you will undoubtedly learn once you begin playing kahoot. It’s a one-of-a-kind online interactive game that helps children to learn arithmetic via a hands-on experience. The nice thing about …

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How to Delete Game Data From a Google Play Account

Android, Computing, General IT - diana - July 12, 2021

With over 600,000 games and applications, it’s easy to see why so many people love Google Play. However, as someone with a lot of games and apps on his phone, you’ll soon find yourself dealing with a lack of device …

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Michigan State vs Notre Dame – What to Expect

Computing - diana - June 28, 2021

Being a Michigan State fan, I like to think I’m a fairly level-headed fan who doesn’t wear the “green” colored glasses.

Facing Notre Dame will be the first real challenge of the season for Michigan State. This is especially true …

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Middle Aged Woman Blogging: Angelina Jolie’s Lips

Computing - diana - June 21, 2021

“Changeling” is out on DVD. My sister joined Netflix. I am a happy camper. I hit her up for the movie last night and finally watched Angelina’s Oscar nominated performance. First, though, I watched the “special features” which I always …

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Online Gaming Solutions For Legal Entertainment

Computing, General IT - diana - June 14, 2021

First at the bottom of the page you will find info and links to possibly the two best networking companies online. In the world of social promoting, folks come and people go. But what makes them stay for good is …

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How to Earn Money Online Free

Android, Articles, Computing - diana - April 28, 2021

Whether you are looking for a way to supplement your current income of you looking to quit your job and make your money on the internet, it might be difficult for you to figure out where to start. You have …

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Top android security apps available on market

Android, Articles, Computing, Window - diana - March 4, 2021

Software security for computers has always been a major concern for computers. People spend a lot trying to secure thier PC’s but are they aware that their mobile phones are equally vulnerable to hacking, jailbreaks and malware. Anyhow, in case …

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Affiliate Marketing Opportunities

Android, Computing - diana - January 27, 2021

Affiliate marketing has become a widely accepted way of doing business among merchants. This has created tons of affiliate marketing opportunities. Almost any niche you can imagine (and some you probably can’t) now has an affiliate program of some kind. …

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Adbrite and Adsense PPC. Are they Worth It?

Computing, General IT, HTML and XML, Wordpress - diana - January 27, 2021

The PPC market may be booming for companies like Google but the returns given to actual publishers are very low. Google itself takes most of the money payed for a ‘click’ so are there any alternatives to Google’s adsense program? …

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How To Control Your Mac With Your iPhone From Anywhere

Articles, Computing, General IT - diana - January 22, 2021

You got your Mac in my iPhone! Oh wait, that’s actually pretty handy.

Difficulty Level: Medium

What You Need:

>> An iPhone (or iPad or iPod touch)
>> A Mac with LogMeIn Free installed on it (free,
>> LogMeIn …

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How To Solve Windows System Crashes

Computing, Window - diana - January 17, 2021

The worst nightmare for anyone who owns a computer or works on one is perhaps a crash. With most users having a Windows operating system installed, Windows crashes are more common than you can possibly wish for. If you are …

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Working on the Run: Tablet or Laptop?

Articles, Computing, Window - diana - January 17, 2021

If traveling is an inherent part of your working life then it’s almost certain that some kind of portable computing will be vital. Not so long ago, the decision was limited to which kind of laptop was best. Now that …

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