Lump Sum Savings

A Simple App to Help with Short Term Saving Goals

Lump Sum Savings Start UpThe Lump Sum Savings Free Android App is useful if you have a short term savings goal, or you can afford to put some money away for a short period.

Lump Sum Savings Free, at Google Play

Lump Sum Savings Free Android App, at Google Play

Sometimes more expensive purchases cannot be made immediately, you need to put away some cash regularly to afford it. This App calculates how much you must save every period (day, week, month or year) to achieve a given lump sum.

Alternatively if are putting away a given amount each period it will tell you how much you will have at the end of a number of periods (days, weeks, months or years).

The App helps you to understand what must be saved on a regular basis to reach a short term saving goals. In the following example the lump sum to save is 150 over an 8 week period. To achieve this 18.75 must be put aside every week.

Lump Sum Savings Weekly

In the next example it is seen that to save 8000 over 12 months then 153.85 needs to be saved every week. However, if the amount saved is rounded up to 160 then after 12 months the total available is 8320.

Lump Sum Savings 12 Months

The App helps work out what you save by cutting out those little purchases you make on a regular basis. What would you save after 6 months if you cut down your daily purchases by 2, well 366.

Lump Sum Savings 2 Daily Over 6 Months

Lump Sum Savings Free, at Google Play