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Upgrade PHP for CentOS 6 Using Additional Repositories

Articles - diana - April 30, 2015

PHP 5.3 to 5.6 Upgrade for CentOS Using External Repos

CentOS Linux is often an option when configuring a Virtual Private Server (VPS). CentOS is designed for stability, being based upon Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). This means that although …

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Unzip File on VPS? How to Extract a Zip File on a Linux VPS

Articles - diana - April 24, 2015

Tutorial to Upload and Extract a Zip File from Windows to a CentOS VPS

On Linux files are normally compressed individually to create a .gzip version using the gzip utility. Or several files are collected into a Tape Archive, .tar

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Encrypt Decrypt of a String in C# .NET

Articles - diana - April 20, 2015

C# Encryption and Decryption of a String With a Simple Function Call

Cryptography is a big subject area and extremely important for modern software and programs. If you are writing any type of software you need an understanding of software

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