ERROR Unable to load VM from snapshot, Android AVD

An Error Occurs Starting an AVD That Previously Worked

When coding and running an App in the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE), debugging can be performed on an Android Virtual Device (AVD). You may see ERROR Unable to load VM from snapshot, one solution is to clear Launch from snapshot in the AVD Launch Options dialog, Note changes saved to the AVD will be lost. To access the launch options start the AVD from the Android Virtual Device Manager.

Error Unable to Load VM from Snapshot Android AVDThe error can occur with an AVD that previously ran without problems. It usually occurs after updating the Android Software Development Kit (SDK), via the Android SDK Manager program. It can also occur if the AVD configuration has been changed using the Edit option in the SDK Manager. When starting the AVD, or when pressing the Run button which attempts to start an AVD, the Starting Android Emulator dialog shows, it displays this error message (where Name-of-AVD is the chosen AVD): Starting emulator for AVD ‘Name-of-AVD’ emulator: ERROR: Unable to load VM from snapshot. The snapshot has been saved for a different hardware configuration.

If the virtual hardware upon which the emulator executes has changed then the saved virtual machine (VM) snapshot is no longer compatible with it. The virtual hardware can change if the hardware image has been updated by a new release of the Android SDK (updated by the SDK Manager), or the AVD configuration has been edited.

Fixing Error Unable to Load VM From Snapshot

Android Virtual Device Manager IconA possible solution is to start the AVD fresh and not from a saved snapshot. Open the AVD Manager. Select the problem AVD from the list of existing AVDs. Select the Start button and the Launch Options dialog appears.

AVD Clear Launch from snapshotClick the Launch from snapshot check box to clear the tick before clicking the Launch button. The AVD starts from a fresh virtual machine image. Changes previously saved on the AVD are lost.

Occasionally you will still get an error launching the AVD. Delete the configured AVD and recreate it. (See Managing AVDs with AVD Manager.)