Cutting IT Costs with Virtual Teams Managed Remotely

Virtual Servers Have Cut IT Costs, Now Cut Overheads with Virtual Teams

When it comes to IT we live in a connected world. Communication is easier than it has ever been and modern IT devices (smartphones, tablets and computers) have communications as a prime function. This allows for new ways of working, flexible and always connected. This has given rise to companies that operate virtually. Teams can be spread out in wide geographical areas yet still work as if sitting in the same building. Consider the fact that when working on a project most of the time you are sat at your desk. Why waste time and resources bringing teams together each day when you can managing them remotely. When the project budget is tight save money by using self-employed engineers and organizing them using modern communications. Of course some projects will require traditional single location teams. It is about picking the best way to run a project for the bests results at the right cost.

Here are top 10 pointers for cutting IT costs using virtual teams. Continue reading

Business IT Alignment Tips For Costs Reduction

What is Business IT Alignment?

Most businesses and people use IT daily. It is now part of normal life. Many businesses depend on IT to operate and administer the day-to-day running. The buzz phrase for how well the IT systems helps the business is Business IT Alignment. What is Business IT Alignment? It is the process of changing the IT systems to ensure that they optimally serve the business process, and to make improvements in the business process by using the benefits that IT systems can bring. Here are top ten tips for business IT alignment. Keeping these tips in mind will ultimately reduce the long term running costs of a business. Continue reading