Compare Phone Contracts

When is a deal a good one or not. Sometimes it is not easy to spot the best one. That can be the case with mobile phone contracts, with different handset costs, monthly payments, “free” gifts and other incentives. Eye have had that problem in the past and have built a solution to help compare mobile phone contracts. Using experience gained in writing software for the Android platform Eye now offers an Android App to help decide the best value between mobile phone contracts.

The Compare Phone Contracts App available from the Android Market can be used to work out which contract offers best value for money. Enter several contract factors, you to see the differences between two mobile phone plans side-by-side. The App calculates the true monthly cost of the contract to help you decide on the best value plan. It also calculates the unit cost of each talk minute, text or data megabyte which can also help with determining best value for money.

The App provides some guidance on each factor. Use the button next to each pair of factors to see some help on each one (you can also enter the factor values on this help screen). Follow the links below for some example uses.

Example 1 – Same monthly payment, different factors.
Example 2 – Lost cost plans, similar monthly payments.
Example 3 – Same monthly payment, different length contracts.
Example 4 – Two plans both offfering a similar free TV for the same monthly payment.
Example 5 – Comparing two incentives (cashback v. half price rental).
Example 6 – Take your supplier renewal offer or the plan with the latest smartphone?