Android OS Build App

Read and Email the Android OS Build Values for Additional Device Details

The OS Build in Android App provides some additional Android internal technical information. This information can then be emailed using the Android device’s email client.

To find the version of Android your device is running you can go into Settings and select About Phone (or sometimes just About). Listed, amongst other items, are the Android Version and Build NumberDevice Model and Baseband Version. This information is taken from an internal Android data structure called Build (it is an Android Java class called android.os.Build).

Internally the Build data also stores some extra technical information. This information can be useful for developers, repairers, help desks, insurers, forensics and asset logging. See the android.os.Build class documentation at:-

This App shows in a list the values in the properties given by Build. Each list item starts with Build.X where X is the name of the Build field. The value stored in the field is then shown in bold. Also shown is the field description from the Android Developers documentation, the Java type for the field, and how it is accessed in code.


Using the Action Bar/Menu options an email of the Build values for the device is constructed, which can then be sent via the devices email client.


This App is ad supported so it requires Network permission. It does not collect or send any personal or device information. The data collected from the Build structure is only used to display the list and create the starting email. The device operator must initiate the email transmission (thus the email can be cancelled if required).

Downloaded OS Build in Android from Google Play, here is the link to the App’s details page:-